The Freedom of a Virtual Office, Underscored

You don’t need a full-time office any longer thanks to advancing technologies that allow you to work efficiently anywhere and anytime. You might prefer to not have to trudge into the headquarters office routinely as an everyday 9-to-5 commuter if you had your druthers, which saves you time, money, and reduces carbon footprint. Qualified employees are also demanding more from their place of work, from flexible work hours and perhaps even a combo of on-site and off-site days, and employers are listening in order to attract and keep the talent. And with many bosses loosening their presenteeism monitoring standards, opting instead for bottom-line & measurable deliverables and less on where the work is performed, it is definitely becoming a ticket to management/employment bliss.

In fact, you may be your own boss, because we live in an increasingly solo-preneuring, freelancing work universe where some employers welcome part-time and contracted employees in greater numbers. These types of employees, or partners, keep a business’ various expenses down, including payroll/benefit costs, and not having to devote a full-time private office space for all its employees that goes largely unused, all thanks to our new, nomadic work-ways.

Today, (and more so tomorrow) more people work virtually. These virtual workers only need a highly flexible, low-cost virtual office to do the trick for their space needs; place where they can pop into and use a workspace or meeting room when need be, and where they can reliably receive all the services they require to remain operationally lean and fleet-of-foot. By not carrying the burden of full-time office space they no longer need, virtual office clients are becoming more agile and saving a lot of money. Virtual Office Nirvana reigns supreme!

Why pay for a full-time office when don’t really have the need for one? It seems almost silly when having the freedom and ability to pay for just the space and services that you need, when you need it, is the more prudent and efficient way to work. It’s a realization and secret that many Millennials have wised up to – and that all other work generations are catching onto. You may not need a full-time office – and a cost-effective Virtual Office is just what the doctor ordered.

Today’s workers relish mobility, reliability, austerity, variety and above all, the freedom to design and manage their work-life balancing act in a way that makes more economical, physical and time-and-motion sense. The ideal solution for this newly transformed work-way mega-trend demand is Virtual Officing – which is why it’s such a popular answer for so many workers and entrepreneurs. If you have time today, why don’t you take a look at what Davinci Virtual can do for you and your business? You won’t regret it.


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