Customer Success Story: Spectra Lumens

For October, our success story comes from a startup company that needed affordable and great virtual office space. Spectra Lumens came to us because Davinci offered virtual office locations in an area that the business desired to show off on their website and print material. Charles, who owns the company, started researching the option of using a virtual office a little over a year before deciding to get one with Davinci.

Charles was attracted to the location of the office we had, but also the additional option to sell other products from the location he chose, as he had another idea that was in the pipeline for a secondary venture. Our office location was perfect for his startups office space needs, especially since they tried to lease office space before but it did not end up working out.

Spectra Lumens mainly focused on providing jobs through development and business services, so they were pleased with the way Davinci helped them, especially as they were just starting up their business. Spectra Lumens gave us feedback that we were wonderful and very helpful, as well as patient with the things they had to change due to startup status. We here at Davinci definitely appreciate the feedback, and always strive to provide all of our customers with the same great customer service, which we have been only improving since 2006.

At the end of the day, Charles and Spectra Lumens have been with us for a couple of months now, and as was noted to us, they still appreciate the great service, great location and our friendly & always helpful staff. Just as we appreciate the opportunity we are given to show Charles and our thousands of entrepreneur customers how much we appreciate their business and believing in us.

Whether you are a startup, growing business or a full fledged established business, Davinci can save you money and make you a lot more efficient at the same amount as what you are spending now. Give us a call today at 888-863-3423 to chat about what we can offer you and your business.


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