4 Reasons to Choose a Subscription-Based instead of a Free Virtual Business Address

With more businesses going remote, there's increasing interest in virtual offices and virtual business addresses. Commercial versus non-commercial registered agents, subscription-based versus free virtual business address—there's a lot to consider.

Is using a free virtual business address safe?

One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs and small business owners are turning to virtual offices and business addresses, is to reduce operating expenses by getting rid of their physical office space altogether. 

There are many options for virtual addresses—both free and paid. While it's tempting to choose the free version (who doesn't love free?), opting for a free virtual business address from a non-commercial registered agent comes with limitations that could potentially damage your business reputation.

Often, these companies offer minimal services and have inadequate mail handling and security measures. In the United States, non-commercial registered agents aren't required to file with the Secretary of State(s)—as opposed to commercial registered agents, which are required to register—and may not comply with legal requirements of having a business address. This can ultimately be detrimental to a business’ growth, image, and success. 

4 benefits of using a subscription-based virtual address

Choosing a subscription-based virtual business address or office allows for business owners to access valuable services as well as partner with a legitimate virtual office. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from your membership.

Credibility and professionalism

Having a virtual address or office allows you to operate your business without having a physical location while still using a professional business address. Investing in a virtual office rather than a physical space saves you money without losing credibility or legitimacy

Secure mail handling

People often look into virtual office solutions when they need to have their business mail sent to a physical location, but they don't want that location to be a private address. A subscription-based virtual business address, as opposed to a free virtual business address, offers secure mail handling services, which maintains your privacy and allows you to operate independent of your address. 

Legal compliance

When searching for a virtual office or virtual business address, make sure the company you're choosing is a commercial registered agent. This means the business is registered with the state it operates from and is compliant with the legal requirements needed in order to represent and receive documents on behalf of another business, LLC, or corporation. Knowing the company you're partnering with adheres to all regulations helps you avoid any legal complications to do with your virtual office or address down the road. 

Additional business services

On top of registered agent services, secure mail handling, and a professional business address, a trustworthy subscription-based virtual office can provide many more optional services that don't come with a free virtual business address. For example, access to a lobby greeter, lobby directory listing, business support center, co-working spaces, or meeting rooms. 

A free virtual business address might seem like the ultimate cost-saving solution, but it comes with limitations and possible legal risks, which can end up costing more in the long run.


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