2015: The Year to Virtualize Your Office

Each New Year brings a set of new goals. Whether those goals are fulfilled or not is another story. When it comes to running a business, company goals always seem exciting, but sometimes, at the year’s end, you may find that you’ve shot for the stars.

This year’s goal should be simple and measurable, such as lowering business overhead costs. With Davinci Virtual, this goal doesn’t have to feel unattainable. In fact, quickly and instantly you can cut back significantly on overhead costs while still maintaining the hard-earned professional business reputation you’ve established.

So what’s the secret? It’s simple—make the switch to virtual office space. Along with lowering costs, you’ll gain several other benefits. Once you understand the reasons to virtualize your office, you’ll wonder what took you so long:


Cost effective

How much money are you putting toward office space payments? Think weekly, monthly, yearly? Did you do the math? It’s probably more than you realize. Virtual office space services come at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual office solutions allow you to maintain the benefits of having an office space without the high price. And no, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to host meetings in your home, have mail sent to your home, or even worry about customers showing up on your doorstep because your address was listed as your business’ official address. The Davinci Virtual Office space you choose will be yours to meet all of these needs.


Physical address

With a Davinci virtual business office, you can use your Davinci office location for your licensed business address. In other words, you can use the actual professional office address to list on local directories, websites, and business cards.

Now what if a potential customer visits the address you have listed? Not to worry. All walk-in visitors will be greeted with an onsite lobby greeter. At many Davinci Virtual locations, businesses can choose to list their company in the building’s directory.


Access to meeting rooms worldwide

Davinci has thousands of office locations available for the times when you’re in need of hosting a meeting, conference, or even need to use an office for a day. These locations are not only in the U.S. but also across the globe—a Davinci feature traveling business owners love. Some of the international meeting room locations include:

    • Hong Kong


    • Korea


    • France


    • Germany


    • India


    • Spain


    • Mexico


    • England


    • South Africa


    • Australia


    • Indonesia

Did we mention it’s cost effective?

All jokes aside, this solution will save you money! In addition to dropping the large expense of an office space lease, you won’t need to worry about renter’s insurance, office furnishings, office utilities, or even employing a front desk greeter.


Access to other virtual office services

Davinci even offers virtual office receptionist services to help with any secretarial needs. This can include call monitoring, outbound calling, voicemail management, scheduling, customer service support, etc.


How do I sign up for a Davinci Virtual Office space?

Contact a Davinci representative and they can help establish the best virtual office package for your business’ needs by calling (888) 863-3423, emailing support@davincivirtual.com, or visiting the Davinci website to chat with a live Davinci support expert through the Davinci instant messaging tool.

Prepare your office to go virtual in 2015 and lower overhead costs with Davinci Virtual Office solutions today.


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