Company Culture: An Essential Ingredient in Brand Experience

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions recently had an opportunity to host the inaugural LivePerson User Group meeting for Salt Lake City. During the meeting, we covered a number of different topics. One that resonated with all of the companies in attendance was the importance of the connection between corporate culture and brand experience.

Cultivating happy relationships: founding principle

When we founded Davinci back in 2006, we made cultivating happy relationships a centerpiece of our corporate culture—and this included our internal team. The belief was that if we provide a great work environment and empower our employees, our brand would mirror this experience. And it has certainly proven to be true.

Since our team provides front-line customer support for thousands of our customers through our virtual reception services, live chat services, and meeting rooms, the importance of ensuring that our employees embody our corporate values is paramount. Not only are they the face of Davinci to our clients, they are the face of our customers to their customers.

User Group experiences the Davinci culture

We kicked off the User Group meeting by giving the attendees a tour of our office. The architecture and configuration of our facility is designed to facilitate collaboration and team building. We also make the sales process fun through the use of technologies such as Hoopla that is displayed on a big monitor in the middle of our sales floor, something the attendees found quite interesting.

For the ensuring presentation and discussion, we covered our underlying business philosophy and some of the key initiatives that we’ve implemented to build a corporate culture resulting in a highly motivated team focused on our customers and business objectives. Regardless of the service we provide our customers—from live reception services, to virtual office locations, to live chat services—this front-line employee experience is a key ingredient to our success.

Ingredients from our success

Some of the things that we do at Davinci that we’ve found a particularly effective include:

    1. Office Environment. We built out an A-class office environment. Its architecture and design facilitates collaborative interaction and team building in a location in Salt Lake City where we can attract the best talent.


    1. We want our employees to understand the broader business and how they are contributing to its success. As a result, we provide revenue and sales visibility to all of our employees. This transparency builds empowerment and enables our employees to understand how their contributions play a critical part in our overall success. They also have visibility in terms of how each of the teams and individuals are contributing to the company’s success.


    1. “The Culture Fairy.” In 2011, we created a new position that I took on called “The Culture Fairy.” Her sole responsibility is to ensure a great company culture and complete employee happiness. This dedicated headcount oversees our Davinci University education program, manages monthly team-building activities, administers our company library, game rooms, and health initiatives, spearheads participation in community-focused events, and more.


    1. Employee Development and Education. An important responsibility of The Culture Fairy is to identify and facilitate employee development and education programs. For example, every month we bring in a third-party educator to speak about a subject that our employees may find useful in their personal and/or professional lives. We also created a four-tiered development path that culminates in a position we designate as the “Super Agent.” Employees can also spend several days to a week mirror members of other teams to determine if those positions might be something they are interested in doing.


    1. Community Involvement. One of the responsibilities of “The Culture Fairy” is to work with employees to identify worthwhile causes and local organizations where they—as a team and company—would like to participate. It includes monetary contributions, where Davinci participates in addition to individual employees, as well as time.

The companies represented at the User Group meeting all agreed that creating a corporate culture where employees feel engaged and connected is crucial to how the brand experience is conveyed. And for Davinci we cannot overstate the importance of our employees as the brand ambassadors for not only our company but also our thousands of customers. It serves as an essential ingredient in how we deliver cutting-edge and stellar customer service.


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