Come On, Come Through, New York, New York

Frank Sinatra knew what he was talking about when he sang, “I want to be part of it, New York, New York.” Everyone wants to be a part of the city. It has an undeniable lure attracting every walk of life to the bright city lights lining the streets congested with honking yellow taxis.


New York City is a coveted location to carry out business as the area is ranked highly among the world’s leading financial centers. It’s a mecca for businesses around the world. And because New York City is so well-regarded among global businesses, a company address in Chelsea can be just the boost your business needs to move on up in the professional world. Chelsea is a prominent neighborhood located in the West Side of Manhattan, offering a distinguished address to link to your company.


A business address associated with Chelsea can provide companies with a facelift, making businesses seem more attractive because of the neighborhood in which it thrives. After all, Chelsea is a colorful and diverse region, where any business owner would scramble at the opportunity to set up their business. However, the price tag on business real estate in prime spots, such as Chelsea, tends to be an expensive one. The business owner not only pays for the actual office space, but also utilities and overhead costs.


Luckily, Davinci offers a virtual office in Chelsea where businesses can assume a Chelsea address without actually paying for physical space. A virtual meeting room provides your company with a Chelsea address, mail forwarding options, lobby greeter, and lobby directory listings giving your business the Chelsea treatment. With a virtual office in Chelsea, your business can gain the prestigious and successful reputation associated with New York City companies.


“Come on, come through, New York, New York,” and choose a virtual office solution in Chelsea, New York, to experience the appeal of a business address in the city which never sleeps.


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