Impress Prospects with a Los Angeles Virtual Office

After I left Los Angeles, I never thought I’d miss it much. But I do today - since I’m in the Midwest and it is around 100 degrees! But you really can't enjoy it that much since you spend so much time sitting in traffic. Anyone who has been to L.A. and had the misfortune of driving around the area knows what I am talking about. In fact, even comics have talked about the notorious 405 freeway in their acts at times.

For my money, I prefer having a virtual office in L.A. Some may find that odd, but the cost of living there is through the roof and the air quality is so awful it’s scary.

While I like to have a business presence in L.A., I don’t like having to go there. With a virtual office, I really don’t need to. At Davinci’s Sepulveda Business Center it's hard to believe, but I get a great professional address for as low as $60 a month.

I use my virtual office address on cards, flyers, brochures, the website, and anything else I can think of. For instance, when I go to events, I pass out pens and other doodads that all have the L.A. virtual office address on them. I think it works well since so many people still view L.A. as a high-end location. Truth be told, parts of the L.A. area are more like Detroit, but with palm trees. Okay, maybe that’s not fair - but just drive around Venice sometime, where a tiny one bedroom condo can cost a shocking half a mil or more!

One of my pals gave me a car magnet with my business information for the side of my car, so I put it on there just to see what would happen. It was funny to see that people actually thought I was visiting from L.A.  I guess the license plate didn’t matter much!


My point is: perception is everything in business and virtual offices let you be a local - even when you’re not residing in the same state. What better way to fit in that way than L.A.


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