Build a Local NYC Presence with Virtual Offices

Local marketing is all the rage these days. Whether you have a website that caters to the world or not, you’re missing the boat, if you don’t focus on local marketing in some capacity. The reality is that no business can really afford to open an office in every state. But what most firms can afford easily is a virtual office.

A friend of mine who lives in L.A. really wanted to tap into the local market in NYC. He spent some time there to ratchet up some business and contacts. Many of the people he does business with in L.A. also have NY connections. So he went back to L.A. and thought about relocating. But he wasn't all that hot on the idea because he wasn't looking forward to those hot and humid summers and cold winters back east.

So he got a NYC virtual office instead! He’s really into local marketing and it works well for him in L.A. That’s why getting a virtual office in NYC made so much sense for him. His address on 5th Avenue only costs $50 a month and he has everything he needs. They answer his phone, forward his calls, and receive and forward his mail. Because of the ‘find me’ feature on the phone service, he never misses an important call. The best part is that he controls all of this - he decides how accessible he will be on any given day, which is easy because his calls are screened.

He paid a little extra to get his company name in the lobby because he tends to get a lot of walk-ins. That’s because he puts his address on virtually everything - from business cards to website and everything else. He attends events and passes out his card, inviting people to stop by when they’re in town. The funny thing is that he is rarely in town, since he doesn’t live there!


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