Virtual Offices Find Their Way to San Jose!

Do you know the way to San Jose? My friend usually takes that brutal 101 freeway. It has a pretty route - but boy, the traffic! But San Jose is a great town for small businesses. The weather, the nice folks, what's not to like?

I guess the only thing I can think of is the cost of living and doing business there is expensive, too. The sun belt has always cost more, no matter if vacationing, living or working.

A friend of mine really wanted to have an office there so he didn't have to sit in all the gnarly traffic back to L.A. But the cost of doing it shut down that idea. His rent and expenses in L.A. alone were killing him.

Then he found out about virtual offices. At first he was a little sceptical thinking that automating everything would hurt his business. But once he found out what was included, he got really pumped.

His lease in L.A. was about to end, so he made the decision to go virtual. The money he saved on the lease alone made it easy for him to get a virtual office in San Jose, too.

His business operations actually ran more smoothly, because the state of the art phone system was better than the one he'd had. He also didn't need to pay office staff salaries any more. But he still had access to full business services and a live person answering his phone. They send him faxes and forward calls to where ever he happens to be. He travels a lot so this is a great thing for him and something he didn't really have before.

He just can't believe he has two offices for less than it cost for one. Having a presence in San Jose did a lot to expand his business. The new clients and connections boosted his company to heights he always wondered if he could reach.

Opening multiple offices has opened up doors for my friend that would never have been possible - without virtual offices!


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