Phoenix Growth Fosters Virtual Offices

Those who are not particularly fond of cold weather often choose Phoenix as a west coast alternative. It is just less costly to live and do business there. But despite the business growth in Phoenix, with more anticipated, it is not considered likely that they will exactly be hiring droves of people.

That's probably a good thing for the entrepreneur and here's why. First, smaller businesses will be more attractive to the existing work force. It won't take scads of benefits to get people to consider working with a smaller shop. It's kind of like the real estate meltdown in that without banks lending - landlords have seen an influx in tenants. Sad, but true. You gotta live somewhere!

Same holds true for business. If there are fewer jobs, people are more inclined to start businesses. At least, the industrious ones. The rest of the folks need to find jobs - and they won't be so picky. It used to be that small businesses could not compete at all with large firms in terms of salaries and benefits. But things have changed, because they don't need to! Gotta love that.

Still, how does a small business make it with overhead these days? Phoenix costs less than the rest of the west coast, but it still ain't cheap. Unless you get a virtual office! With that, you get a business address for mail and packages, phone answering system and more for around $75 a month. You can also have a live person answer your calls for a little more. You can interview prospective employees in a state of the art office for the bargain basement rate of around $25 an hour. You can attract a much better work force in a meeting room than you ever will at a Starbucks.

So instead of sitting around waiting for jobs to happen -- make a business happen. As they say, there is no better time like the present. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can help make it really happen - all you gotta do is pick a spot and do it!


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