Virtual Los Angeles

Los Angeles has always been known as one of the more progressive work environments in the nation. Neighboring Silicon Valley with all of its tech start-ups did a lot to boost this image.

Communication is the one key factor to any business success. For small businesses, regardless of their industry, they really must make the most of every technological advancement possible. This is not only true to compete, but also necessary just to survive.

As legend has it, many tech start-ups began in an upstart's garage. Since the start of the virtual world was actually being invented back in those days, it's no surprise. College dorms became another haven for what turned into the behemoths that became Microsoft, Apple, most recently, Facebook, and countless others.

Los Angeles is a place where rent is sky high making it cost prohibitive for a start-up to get an office. No one I know starting out has the capital to sign a commercial lease - even in the most rundown part of town. And who would want to be there anywhere? It's not like you will attract many clients in that part of town; that is for sure.

Like it or not, Los Angeles can also be much more shallow than other regions. The entertainment industry is permeated into everything there -- just about everyone I know in L.A. is either working in entertainment, trying to be in movies, or works in a business that supports entertainment.

In fact, a lawyer friend of mine just struck out on his own as - drum roll - an entertainment lawyer. It's easy to do that out there, especially for contract law. Of course, he did not have the funds to sign a commercial lease, so he was considering paying through the nose for a room within another law firm. But he had no access to anything other than the receptionist - and she let all his calls go to voicemail!

So I hooked him up with a virtual office in Los Angeles for around $60 a month. The receptionist not only answers calls, but greets clients and gets the mail, too!


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