San Diego Virtual Offices - Prime on a Dime!

San Diego is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in California. I absolutely love San Diego. Who wouldn't? The beaches, the weather - the people! Oh, did I mention the beaches? Some of the cleanest you'll ever find in a metro area.

It's no surprise, then, that San Diego is also a prime location to start a business or expand it. But we know that prime also means expensive. With over a million people living there, many start-ups gravitate toward the chance to make a mark and make a mint.

But how do they afford it? Commercial rents are off the chain. Not to mention paying staff - even a receptionist has to be paid well there in order to make ends meet. But most start-ups don't even have money to pay themselves, let alone anyone else!

I pay around $70 a month for a prime location, right in the heart of San Diego. That's a steal to be right where the action is in a town like this. I get a great street address, which is even more important to impress a client in San Diego. The only place where high end meetings are acceptable at home these days is at a big time director's in Hollywood. San Diego isn't Hollywood - that's why people choose to live there. They want to be away from all that and live in peace.

My virtual office answers my calls with a live person, takes messages, and even handles orders. They forward calls, packages and mail to wherever I am.

And you should see the tricked out offices I get to use when I need to show off to a client! Day offices can start as low as $10 an hour and a fancy conference room is around $20. In San Diego. For real. They have thoroughly modern and functional furniture and all the technology I could ask for.

But virtual offices are also the wave of the future because of their convenience. And in an expensive city like San Diego - they just make more sense!


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