You Too Can Have a Virtual Office

Some people think that a virtual office just exists online or uses technology. While it does use those aspects, the term also applies to services offering professional business addresses in a prime location. Having business addresses for mail and marketing also adds credibility to companies.

These services can include receptionists and administrative assistants, lobby and directory listings, mail forwarding, and access to day offices and conference rooms as well. The business support centers and resident agent services are helpful for companies of all sizes. They even offer virtual assistants with state of the art technology services and even catering!

Virtual communication solutions include everything a company needs to get started and grow, such as:

      • Local and toll free telephone and fax numbers

      • Digital voicemail

      • Electronic fax

      • Email

      • Fax to email

      • Online command centers

      • Unified messaging

      • Voice and video conferencing

      • Surveys

Virtual Assistants:

      • Live web chat

      • Outbound calling

      • Customer service

      • Appointment scheduling

      • Order taking

Virtual phone services are essential in today’s high-tech business environment. In order to stay competitive, businesses need to have:

      • Voicemail to email

      • Live receptionists

      • Electronic call answering

      • Live call answering and screening

      • Find me and follow me forwarding


For anyone running a new business, start-up company, working from home and the road, or companies desiring physical presences in other national and global regions there is no need to have a full-time office space; virtual offices are an affordable alternative.

Any firm does well to have a high profile business address along with the premium benefits that typically accompany it. For those companies, virtual office services are an ideal solution. Then the business owner may concentrate on operating the business, serving and pursuing clients with professional support teams who attend to all of the essential office functions today's businesses need to get and stay competitive. Davinci Virtual assists companies in establishing a local, national, and global presence with top of the line business services on an affordable budget.


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