Des Moines Virtual Office Save as Gas Prices Spike

DES MONIES, IOWA—I read an article today on KCAU TV’s website called “Telecommuting Proves Extra Valuable As Gas Prices Spike.” I couldn’t agree more with the premise: working from a virtual office saves you gas money—and time.

Author Staci DaSilva pointed out that gas prices have spiked between $.15-$.20 in just the past few days. According to AAA, which monitors gas prices at cities across the nation, those prices are likely to keep right on rising through spring. And we all know what happens to gas prices in the summer—they spike.

“Loree Vander Zwaag doesn't have to start an engine to go to work. Instead, she walks to her office, in her home, just like her 30 or so employees do,” DaSilva writes.
“Her workers are sprawled all across urban and rural America and they all gravitated to Vander Zwaag's business because they wanted to work from home.”

DaSilva then goes on to point to statistics about virtual office users. Depending on the study you look to, between 3 million and 4 million people are tapping into the virtual office trend. That means they are saving gas and time.

I live in Miami. It costs $65 to fill up my gas tank and I have a coupe. I’m glad that I work from a virtual office because I use much less gas. I use plenty of gas as it is just driving my daughter to school, going to the grocery store and doing various other errands. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for people who don’t enjoy the money- and time-saving benefits of a virtual office.

The good news is, there’s virtual office space available in Iowa. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers virtual offices in Des Moines at 309 Court Avenue. That means you can sport a professional business address in a major Iowa city and rent a meeting room or day office space on demand when you need to visit with clients face to face. And it costs about the same as a tank of gas each month.


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