Happy New Year From My Virtual Office

MIAMI—Happy New Year! Well, it’s officially 2013. It’s a new day, a new month, a new year. Are you ready to drive productivity to new heights?

One way you can work smarter, faster and more efficiently is by tapping into virtual office space. Virtual offices offer many benefits, but study after study after study show some consistent advantages of virtual offices.

For example, virtual offices save you commuting time, which makes you more productive. Saving commuting time also means saving commuting expenses, i.e. gas. And with gas prices what they are today, that’s no small matter. Of course, if you work in a virtual office you can also reduce your food expenses because you don’t have to buy coffee, lunch and snacks outside the house.

Most important, though, is the productivity factor. Virtual offices help you work smarter, faster and more efficiently because you aren’t distracted by the water cooler chat, the office noise, and the constant interruptions all the way around. When you telecommute from a virtual office, you can get into a zone—and stay there. You can stay focused, in other words, and complete your work tasks more quickly—and perhaps even with  higher quality.

Virtual offices can be a boon for your business this year, whether you are a solopreneur who works from home, a mobile worker who roams about, or a large corporation looking to give your employees better work-life balance (oh, yes, that’s one more benefit of virtual offices!). So, again, Happy New Year! And be sure to check out our virtual office deals for 2013.


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