Breaking More Virtual Assistant Myths

TORONTO—I wrote a piece last week about breaking myths around using virtual assistants. But I realized I left out a major misconception that is worth nothing.

In my first post, one of the biggest myths I worked to bust was that virtual assistants are too expensive. People often have the misconception that they can’t afford a virtual assistant. More often, that truth is that you can’t afford not to have a virtual assistant.

But let’s move on from there. The second most common wrong thinking I’ve seen associated with using virtual assistants says “My company isn’t large enough to justify hiring a virtual assistant.” That’s sort of related to the first myth, but it’s different in that no company is too small to benefit from a virtual assistant.

Listen, my company is a one-man show and I have several virtual assistants working on various different tasks that are too mundane for me to address. If I didn’t use virtual assistants, I could not address the revenue-generating tasks that would no doubt pile up.

It doesn’t matter if you are a one-man show or a multinational company, you can benefit from a virtual assistant. Consider how much time you waste on mundane administrative tasks. Now consider how much time you could save if you outsourced those tasks to a virtual assistant.

Your skills are what drives revenue. You can outsource appointment setting, invoicing and other back end functions to a virtual assistant and get on with business. Virtual assistants are equipped to handle that and much more. You can even get virtual assistants to handle your social media these days.


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