Virtual Office Technologies Make Time for Voters to Cast Ballots

LOS ANGELES—It’s a conundrum that happens every four years. You need to get out and vote but you can’t afford to miss any work. Virtual office technologies are coming to the rescue this year.

Virtual office technologies like Citrix’s GoToMeeting and GoToMyPC can help mobile workers stay connected to the office—even if they are only mobile workers for a few hours at the polls. Citrix is making it easy by offering free downloads and use of its virtual office technologies in the run up to Election Day 2012.

The promotion is part of a campaign to drive businesses nationwide to encourage their employees to ‘workshift’ or work flexibly on Nov. 6. Consider the statistics: About 90 million eligible Americans are not expected to vote in November’s national election—and 26 percent say the primary reason is because they don’t have the time.

“The 2012 presidential election is set to be the closest race in decades, which makes it more important than ever for Americans to make their vote count,” says Erin Hintz, vice president of global marketing at Citrix. “To make it even easier for potential voters to get to the polling stations, we are encouraging businesses to allow their employees to work flexibly on November 6. We also will provide free downloads of our leading collaboration tools so they can get their work done regardless of location.”

Of course, virtual office technologies can help you boost productivity beyond Election Day. Americans lose an average of 50 minutes on top of every working day commuting. By tapping into virtual office technologies like remote access, web and video conferencing and mobile collaboration services, you can stay more connected no matter where you are.


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