Virtual Offices May Help Retain Best and Brightest

LOS ANGELES—Americans seem to have their eyes always open for the next job. According to a Jobvite Social Job Seeker Survey, 75 percent of American workers are actively looking for or are open to new jobs. Could offering telecommuting from a virtual office help employers retain the best and brightest workers?

The survey also reveals that job seekers are more social than the overall workforce, with 88 percent having at least one social networking profile; 64 percent have accounts on at least two networks and 44 percent using three or more. Twenty-four percent of job seekers report they’ve been asked for social media profiles during the interview process.

"With fierce competition for jobs, which now includes a majority of employed people on top of active job seekers, social media has become a critical tool for job hunting and career growth," says Dan Finnigan, president and CEO, of Jobvite. "One in six job seekers polled credited a social network for leading to their current/most recent employment.”

Employees may decide to stop searching for a new job if employer would offer more flexible work. Telecommuting from virtual offices in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, or anywhere else, is an attractive option for employees looking for better work life balance. Virtual office work offers opportunities for workshifting, which is the ultimate in flexibility.

With all the modern virtual office technologies today, employees can work from just about anywhere. They can also search for a new job from just about anywhere. Forward-thinking employers are taking measured steps to put flexible work programs in place that help retain strong workers in any economy.


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