Workplace of the Future Includes New York Virtual Offices

NEW YORK—Organizations will reduce office space by 17 percent by 2020 as alternative workplace strategies like virtual office space continue to gain momentum. So says a new study from Citrix.

Whether you work in New York, LA, Sydney or somewhere else, the workplace of the future will provide just seven desks for every 10 office workers. Each person will access the corporate IT network from an average of six different computing devices. Many times they’ll do it from their virtual office.

"Organizations are encouraging people to operate outside of the traditional workplace on their own personal devices to improve the bottom line—by making the organization more responsive, improving productivity and reducing the cost of real estate and device management,” says Mick Hollison, vice president, integrated marketing and strategy at Citrix.

“At the same time, organizations are investing in the space they have to create enticing workplaces that foster collaboration, innovation and creativity. The result is a stronger organization, with high caliber people performing at their best.”

Citrix predicts almost every organization says they will redesign office space to be more appealing. The workplace of the future will foster creativity, be inspiring and encourage collaboration by enabling people to work from wherever, whenever and on whatever device so that work becomes something people do, not a place people go.

If you are in New York virtual offices are coming to an alternative workplace strategy at a company near you. New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are early adopters of this trend. Whether you work in a virtual office, coworking facility or some other alternative workplace arrangement, you can bet that the future of work looks different than what you are experiencing today.


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