Memphis Virtual Offices Catching on in a Connected Tennessee

MEMPHIS—I was just reading an article in the Times Free Press about the rise of telecommuting in Tennessee. And where there’s more telecommuting there’s more virtual office use.

According to the article, Connected Tennessee conducted a statewide survey that revealed nearly 1.2 million Tennesseans—that’s equal to about 44 percent of people employed in the southern state—would be willing to work at home from a virtual office if their employers would let them. Another 586,000 adults in Tennessee who are currently unemployed would be willing to get a virtual office job.

"We continue to see significant growth in telecommute jobs, but there is potential for far more, especially in rural areas where many higher-paying jobs were not available in the past,” Corey Johns, executive director for Connected Tennessee, told the Times Free Press.

"While some Tennesseans may only take advantage of limited telework opportunities merely requiring basic broadband speeds, Chattanooga clearly has access to the full spectrum of telework opportunities and that is certainly a competitive advantage for those working to advance local economic development.”

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has virtual offices in Brentwood, Franklin, Knoxville and Memphis at prices starting as low as $75 a month. Virtual offices offer many benefits to workers in these Tennessee cities, including the promise of greater productivity, lower commuting expenses and the convenience of working from home at any hour.


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