Virtual Offices Help Mobile Workers Balance Life

LOS ANGELES—In yesterday’s report, we looked at how virtual offices may or may not be tied to working overtime. The report was based on a survey from Good Technology.

Today we are going to dive a little deeper into the mobile worker and virtual office angle. According to the Good Technology survey, overtime has become so commonplace that only a quarter of the 1,000 workers polled said it caused an occasional disagreement with their partner.

In what points to changing attitudes to mobile work, well over half surveyed reported no arguments whatsoever from their spouse or significant other over answering e-mail or making work calls at home.

Could that be because some of these overtime hours are being accomplished via virtual office technologies that keep loved ones on the home front for short meetings or e-mail sessions? I believe virtual offices may have something to do with it.

"When it comes to supporting a 'bring your own device' environment, it's important to take an approach that ensures data security without compromising the employee's privacy or personal experiences,” says John Herrema, senior vice president of Corporate Strategy for mobile security software company Good Technology.

“By shifting their management focus from 'devices' to 'apps' and 'data', enterprises can allow employees to get work done on the go whenever they want, and still keep personal information private, separate and safe."

The study also revealed:

68% of people check their work e-mails before 8 a.m.
The average American first checks their phone around 7:09 a.m.
50% check their work e-mail while still in bed
40% still do work email after 10 p.m.
69% will not go to sleep without checking their work e-mail
57% check work emails on family outings
38% routinely check work e-mails while at the dinner table

What do you think? Do virtual office technologies promote overtime or work-life balance?


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