Virtual Offices Help You Steer Clear of Bad Bosses

SANTA CLARA, CA—Yesterday, we looked at how virtual offices could help you avoid annoying workplace bonding events that sap your productivity.

A new Wakefield Research Study commissioned by Citrix offers up insights on the top frustrations of modern work life, and that was one of them. But there are other office stressors that a virtual office can help you avoid, or at least minimize.

While some find best friends at the office, for example, we also have to work with difficult colleagues:

49% of respondents work with a "know-it-all"

44% work with a "whiner"

51% believe that a "constant complainer" would be the most annoying type of person to sit next to every day

Then there are bad bosses. The Citrix survey shines a light on bad bosses, too. Although a virtual office can’t help you totally avoid the bad boss syndrome, telecommuting from a virtual office can at least help you minimize contact—or groan in frustration without anyone but your dog Fido hear you.

What makes bad bosses? According to the survey:

37% say the number one worst type of boss is a boss who steals your ideas

33% say the worst type of boss is a boss that knows it all

27% of office workers dislike bosses who ignore them

OK, so you can’t altogether avoid your bad boss. But at least telecommuting from a virtual office once a week will give you a break—and maybe help you drive up your productivity enough to get him off your back.

Check out this video on dealing with difficult bosses:



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