Every Career Challenge Is Tough. Can Virtual Offices Make it Easier?

LOS ANGELES-Are you facing a challenge in your career that seems insurmountable? Are you unsure how to handle it? Do you wish that overcoming your challenge was easier? Even if you work in a virtual office—away from the office politics and distractions—you are still bound to face career challenges.

“Many people I speak to are struggling in their career and my heart goes out to them. I know they want more and want things to be different. Is there a magic pill that will save them? No. Is there a way out? Yes,” says Deborah Brown-Volkman, president of Surpass Your Dreams. “It's called hard work. But hard work is called hard for a reason. It means career transformation is not going to be easy. The good news is hard work will provide real results.”

So how can an alone but never isolated virtual office worker begin? Brown-Volkman suggests putting one foot in front of the other. Here are four steps for virtual office workers in need of some advice.

1. Expect To Be Uncomfortable
You might be comfortable working from your virtual office space, but you have to expect to be uncomfortable if you are going to reach for your goals. Brown-Volkman says discomfort means you are being challenged and are growing.

2. Embrace Your Challenge
Yes, you’ll face challenges even from your virtual office. Brown-Volkman says the pain your challenge produces tells you that something is not working. Facing what needs to be faced will bring you relief and freedom. Running will not.

3. Be Open
Are you attached to what happens next? Since you are working from a virtual office, chances are you are more flexible than most. Brown-Volkman says sometimes you have to let go of the ending.

4. Remember That Things Get Easier Over Time
What knocks you off your feet in the beginning becomes more manageable as you go through the process, Brown-Volkman says. Get ready to find a new groove and a new routine.

Virtual offices are a good option for people in career transition. Maybe you are a bootstrapping entrepreneur or a fledgling small business owner. A virtual office can take some of the pressure off your transition. Embrace them.


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