Virtual Offices: How to Answer Your Boss’ Pet Peeves

TORONTO—We’ve spent the last several days dissecting Microsoft Canada’s Flexible Workplace survey. There are some relevant and fascinating insights in the survey for virtual office users and would-be virtual office users alike.

I wanted to wrap up this remote worker series with some stats that we didn’t include in the first few installments—noteworthy stats that deserve an explanation. Let’s dive right in. I’ll make my virtual office comments alongside the stats.

First, let’s look at bosses’ top pet peeves in dealing with remote workers:

  • 49% cite the inability to talk face-to-face

  • 26% cite a lack of focus

  • 22% cite a lack of accountability

  • 22% cite the belief that employees are doing less work

Here I see myths and misperceptions. I understand the need to talk face-to-face, but virtual office technologies like web conferencing get you pretty close. You can see eye-to-eye, read body language, make eye contact, etc. Virtual office technologies don’t replace human contact, but they can make up for a lot.

Bosses who think virtual office workers lack focus and accountability—or believe virtual employees are doing less work—aren’t looking through the right lens. Office workers in traditional office space can loaf just as well as a virtual office workers. Virtual office workers who are engaged and empowered tend to be high achievers and self-starters. If your employees aren’t focused, accountable and productive, it may be time to hire new employees.

Other survey data reveals that bosses are much more likely than employees to conduct business in public spaces (62% vs. 34%). The most frequent places mentioned by bosses include:

  • 46% conduct business while driving

  • 29% conduct business on public transportation

  • 25% conduct business at a bar or restaurant

Here again, virtual office technologies can help you stay productive while on the go. Virtual office apps are one way, web conference apps are another. Want to stay productive while mobile? I assure you there is an app for that.

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