Virtual Office Technologies Can Help Connect Bosses, Employees

TORONTO—Last week we started talking about the results of Microsoft Canada’s Flexible Workplace survey, a study that reveals the workstyle preferences of employees and bosses with regards to working remotely--such as from virtual offices--and how they ranked their productivity while working remotely.

Although only 25 percent of Canadian bosses polled feel employees are more productive when working remotely, compared to when in the corporate office, there is good news. Almost half of the polled bosses (42%) say that they do support remote working arrangements for their employees. That means virtual office technologies are on the radar screen.

"As workers juggle longer hours and aim to maintain a work-life balance, employers who can offer flexible workspaces to their employees are leading the pack in becoming employers of choice,” says Mike Kennedy, vice president at Aon Hewitt and National Lead, Health Strategies and Solutions.

“We are seeing more and more that employees are seeking out flexible work arrangements and the opportunity to work outside the office walls—anywhere and anytime, from the airport to the soccer field. And as the competition for top talent continues, particularly for the next generation entering the workforce and for the highly skilled experienced talent, employers who aren't keeping up may be left behind."

There’s at least one aspect of flexible working that both bosses and workers agree on: the need for up-to-date technology. According to the study, 95 percent of bosses and 90 percent of employees polled say it is very important to have similar capabilities when working remotely compared to when working in the office.

"Organizations that will be successful in the future are those that remove the barriers between people, workplace and technology," says James Nicholson, Deployment Specialist for Windows with Microsoft Canada. "When you empower your people by creating a workplace that facilitates flexibility with the technology and solutions that help them to be productive wherever they are, you get the most out of your people."

Indeed, virtual office technologies can help. Davinci Virtual offers virtual office technologies, as well as virtual receptionists and virtual assistants and web conferencing. We also offer virtual office space in Toronto, along with meeting rooms that offer a productive place for distributed teams to meet.


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