Did Jerry Maguire Use a Virtual Office Space?

LOS ANGELES—Ever wanted to meet the real Jerry Maguire?

Leigh Steinberg, super-sports agent, attorney and inspiration for the film "Jerry Maguire" will be featured on the award-winning free interactive online video series called CredibilityLIVE. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is sponsoring the interview.

Steinberg will talk about his rise to becoming a super sports agent who negotiated more than $2 billion in contracts and more recent challenges he has overcome in his personal and professional life. He will also share his personal insights into the art of negotiation. The video interview will be conducted live online and will allow for online questions from the general public on March 8 at 2 p.m PST at www.credibilitylive.com.

Why is Davinci Virtual Office Solutions sponsoring the event? One reason is because part of credibility is presenting a professional business image. Credibility, in both business and personal affairs, is an important asset that can take a long time to build, but can be easily lost or damaged. Virtual office space can give your business credibility.

CredibilityLIVE is an interactive, online video series that allows small business owners to dialogue with industry-leading experts who provide strategies and insights to entrepreneurs who want to build business credibility and ultimately grow their businesses. One of those strategies is virtual office space.

With Davinci Virtual Office Solutions, entrepreneurs and small business owners can get a prime business address to make a good first impression on clients. Virtual offices also offer mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter to welcome guests and much more. You can also rent conference rooms and day office space from virtual office providers like Davinci Virtual.

So when you want to boost your credibility—whether you are doing business in Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Miami or somewhere else in the world—give Davinci a call and get your virtual office activated today. So, to answer the headline: I don’t know whether Jerry Maguire used a virtual office or not. But you can increase your credibility if you do.


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