Wine Rack Store Taps Into Virtual Office Trend to Save Gas

SEATTLE—I love to hear stories of real businesses finding success with virtual offices. Whine Rack Store has a good one to tell.

The story begins as it does with many companies that turn to telecommuting and virtual offices—high gas prices. The surge in gas prices hit many commuters hard and caused some to re-prioritize their days. Employees of the wine rack retailer were among them.

Wine Rack Store is known in the Seattle area for its environmentally friendly practices. For example, the office has a recycling policy and the company uses water-based stains for their wine racks and cellars. Telecommuting is now the company’s latest green move. Wine Rack Store now lets employees work from virtual offices—and the company is finding that it benefits all involved.

"Everyone always comes into the office in high spirits, and I enjoy having them around," says Win Rack Store President Michael Kitson. "But I also understand how much of a challenge it can be sometimes to commute into the office when everyone can be just as productive at home."

Wine Rack Store is an online retailer, which makes telecommuting from a virtual office a viable option. Heather Hoskins, director of communications for the firm, says her commute isn’t so bad, but working from home from a virtual office is still a boon.

"The benefit of being able to work from home, even just a few days a week, helps offset the cost of my husbands drive in a huge way,” she says, noting that her husband makes a 60 mile two-way commute.

Wine Rack Store employees tap into virtual office technologies like messaging and webinar services to stay on top of the day-to-day businesses and keep connected with coworkers who may also be working from virtual offices. Says Kitson, "Modern technology makes running a business easy from anywhere.”

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