Are Virtual Office Users Really More Productive?

NEW YORK—Sixty-two percent of Americans believe more people want the option to telecommute—and another 83 percent believe that telecommuting is on the rise. So says a survey from online meeting software firm TeamViewer and Harris Interactive.

Check out these additional statistics from the study and then we’ll tie this in to virtual offices:

  • 53% says smartphones and tablets are increasing the use of telecommuting

  • 49% says access to telecommuting is increasing

  • 29% say telecommuting is getting easier

  • 30% say the use of telecommuting is increasing in small businesses

When asked about what Americans believe their own behavior would be as a telecommuter versus working in an office every day, 54 percent said they would be at least somewhat more productive and 32 percent  said they would even be more or much more productive.

As more Americans discover the ability to telecommute, a surprising number of them admit they would be willing to make sacrifices in order to get the option to work from a virtual office:

  • 34% would give up social media

  • 30% would give up texting

  • 29% would give up chocolate

  • 25% would give up smartphones

  • 20% would give up shopping

As you can see, employees are willing to give up quite a lot to work from a virtual office. The good news is, no one has to lose in the virtual office scenario. Employers gain productivity from workers and employees can still eat all the chocolate they want.


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