Have You Been Involved in a Virtual Office Romance?

NEW YORK—If you can do online dating, you can do virtual office romances, I suppose. And it’s that time of year. CareerBuilder.com just offered up the  results of its Valentine’s Day survey, which reveals 31 percent of employees say their office romance ended in marriage.

Could such a romance start in a virtual office? Again, I suppose if you can find your lifelong partner online, you can find them through a virtual office arrangement. Here are some additional findings from the Valentine’s Day survey:

  • 18%--have dated their boss

  • 47%--employees in hospitality industry that have dated a coworker

  • 26%--say what someone does for a living influences their decision to date them

  • 19%--are attracted to people with a similar job

If you are working in a virtual office set up, you may feel left out of the coworker romance cycle. But don’t. Virtual office technologies like instant messaging, web conferencing and even e-mail make it possible to get to know your coworkers—and perhaps even get to know them well enough to meet in person.

Hey, when you consider that 60 percent of small business owners admit to spending more time holding their mobile devices than the hand of their significant others, according to a Staples survey, what’s a little virtual office distance to overcome?

That same Staples survey suggests that virtual offices can actually help your love life. Fifty-six percent of owners and managers are taking advantage of the “virtual office” spending less time working at their desk with the help of technology. And that leaves more time for Valentine’s Day romance.


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