Corporate Social Responsibility Includes Virtual Offices

Cisco just released its seventh annual corporate social responsibility report—and telecommuting is part of the discussion. And where there’s telecommuting you’ll often find virtual office space.

Indeed, Cisco is committed to protecting the health and well-being of its employees. The firm uses its collaborative technology to offer people the freedom to chose how, when and where they work.

Specifically, telecommuting and flextime opportunities are used by 95 percent of Cisco’s employees and remote working (which Cisco defines as employees primarily working from home) expanded in 2011 to reach 90 percent of the regions in which Cisco operates. That means virtual offices are part and parcel of Cisco’s strategy.

But Cisco also pointed to the corporate social responsibility aspects of telecommuting from another angle: the environment. Nearly 20,000 Cisco employees use Cisco Virtual Office to extend the company’s own network into their homes, permitting high-speed access to voice, video and data applications and reducing green house gas emissions by telecommuting one or more days each week.

What about your company? Do you have a corporate social responsibility plan? Does it include telecommuting and virtual offices? With the move toward alternative workplace strategies and all things green, Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can help your company put together the pieces of the next-generation puzzle. You don’t have to be a company the size of Cisco to tap into the workforce and environmental benefit of virtual office space.


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