When Should You Let Employees Work From a Virtual Office?

DENVER—I love reading Entrepreneur magazine because it deals with issues that are relevant to folks like me—and you—like virtual offices. I read an article today penned by Christopher Hann.

Hann offered the answer to a pointed question: When should a company allow its employees to work from home? I the piece, he relied on experts like Jim Ball, co-founder of Alpine Access, a Denver-based virtual call center company and telecommuting pioneer.

"You have to have it in your DNA the fact that you don't have workers coming into an office space," Ball told Entrepreneur. Ball has 4,500 employees across the U.S. who all work from home, so he knows from which he speaks.

Hann’s article also pointed to stats from the Telework Research Network pointing to the reality of 3 million Americans working from a virtual office. This is nothing readers of Davinci Virtual’s blog don’t know, but it’s great to see more momentum for all things virtual.

"In coming years' work forces, this is going to become more of an expectation with [younger workers]," Ball told Entrepreneur. "Preparing for that is really going to give your company access to what's really going to make you successful, and that's high-quality talent."

Whether you are in Denver or one of the other cities from which Ball’s employees work, you can rely on Davinci Virtual Office Solutions to help you execute your alternative workplace strategies.


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