Study: Women More Productive in Virtual Offices

SEATTLE—Forbes magazine is publishing insights from a Microsoft study into women’s remote working preferences. The survey results offer a clear view on why so many women prefer working remotely and the challenges telecommuting women face.

Maggie Chan Jones, director of Cloud Services at Redmond-based Microsoft, penned the article that showcased study highlights. Among them, survey respondents indicate they would prefer to work remotely about three days a week, but only about 10 percent would like to work remotely every day.

Here are some additional highlights from the study:

  • Better work-life balance is driving women’s desire to work remotely.

  • 62% of respondents said their productivity rises when working remotely.

  • 81% agree that remote working increases job satisfaction

  • 49% admit technology becomes a challenge when working remotely

“The survey results serve as an excellent barometer of where the workplace at large stands in terms of accepting a ‘new world of work’ that now includes mobile employees,” Jones says. “Every business will handle its remote working arrangements differently—the important thing is that businesses be open and ready to adapt as they are able, paying special attention to the role technology plays in cultivating successful remote working scenarios.”

With the rise of cloud computing, working remotely with virtual office technologies has become a reality—and one that makes good business sense. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions offers a number of virtual office technologies that can help women work smarter, faster and more efficiently, such as virtual receptionists and web conferencing.

Davinci Virtual also offers virtual office space in key cities around the country, including Microsoft’s hometown of Seattle. These virtual office locations give remote workers a place to go if they need access to a business support center or other equipment that’s not available in the home office. Our international virtual office locations also offer meeting rooms and conference rooms to accommodate remote teams that need to meet in person in a business environment.


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