Fox News Reports Virtual Offices Helping Small Businesses

MEMPHIS-MyFox Memphis is reporting on virtual offices—and how they are helping small businesses. The Memphis affiliate of Fox News reports that the office building of the future exists today.

MyFox Memphis’ Greg Coy describes the office of the future this way: “The office is modest in size and belongs to no one exclusively. It is shared with a number of other clients. A receptionist screens calls, mails documents and sends alerts when an important package arrives. Need a board room to make a good impression? This one is available once you reserve it.”

In his report, Coy also noted that the cost savings associated with virtual office space are undeniable, and suggested the virtual office works best for sales and consultants. (I think virtual offices work just as well for writers, coaches, insurance agents, realtors and many other professionals.) It’s one sector of the economy thinking outside the box and looking for office space to call home, he reports, even if it is limited and temporary.

The virtual office landscape in Memphis is rich—and Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has plenty of Memphis virtual office options of its own. There’s the Memphis Business Center, Memphis Poplar and Executive Offices of Memphis. Let’s take a look at each virtual office location.

The Memphis Business Center is at 1661 International Drive. This is near River Oaks-Kirby-Balmoral and Germantown. You can rent virtual office space at this location from $95 a month. Executive Offices of Memphis is located at 119 S. Main Street. You can rent virtual office space there from $100 a month in the downtown Memphis area.

Finally, Memphis Poplar is located at 6000 Poplar Avenue in the same general neighborhood. This virtual office space rents at prices beginning at $135 a month and include two days of complimentary guest office space use. You can also rent day offices there if you need more than two days.

No matter which Davinci virtual office location you choose in Memphis, you’ll get a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to the business support center, a lobby greeter who can make your clients and prospects welcome and a client drop off/pick-up point. You can also opt for mail forwarding and shipping services for an additional fee, rent a conference room or rent a day office space.

Check out this video on Downtown Memphis:



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