Flex Hour Telecommuting Jobs Meet the Virtual Office

I just read about a new initiative from FlexHourJobs.com—and I discovered some truly great news for telecommuters and part-time job seekers who want to work from a virtual office rather than battle the traffic everyday.

Check this out: This fall FlexHourJobs.com is focusing on helping seniors and parents find flexible job opportunities. FlexHourJobs.com launched about a year ago and is making a name for itself in the telecommuting, work-from-home market. The service is free for job seekers—and it’s idea for virtual office users who workshift.

Why is FlexHourJobs.com focusing on seniors and parents. Consider the statistics:  41 percent of Americans are living in poverty and 5.3 million kids are affected by foreclosure. What’s more, almost 25 percent of the total U.S. unemployed are over 50 years old, which is the highest number since the depression. And about 17 million middle class families are on Medicaid.

Here’s another troubling stat: Over 60 percent of college graduates are now women—and  most of them drop out of the workforce within five years of graduation in order to build a family. Add in the mix the recession and the demands of caregivers now to aging parents, and we have a society in desperate need of transformation toward a telecommuting workforce.

Flex jobs, telecommuting and virtual office space work together. So whether you are working from a virtual office and needed additional flex work to fill up your schedule, or you are telecommuting and need a virtual office to help you work more productively with a more professional image, you can see the connection.

Virtual offices are an affordable solution that can make the difference in you landing a flex job or telecommuting position or the job going to the next candidate. That’s because a virtual office gives you a prestigious business address that will smell of success to the HR director. A virtual office also gives you the option to get an 800 number and a virtual receptionist. The point is, it doesn’t cost much to make a good impression—and to keep making a good impression as you work more efficiently with virtual office communications.


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