Save Thousands of Dollars Telecommuting From a Virtual Office

Labor Day is right around the corner. That means back to school and back to work. And that means more cars on the road, more people commuting—and more all around pressure. But you can avoid a lot of wasted hours—and wasted time and extra stress—by working from a virtual office space.

Let’s use Canadian workers as an example. The average worker there is spending a whopping 42 minutes commuting two and from work every day. That equals $269 these workers are spending every month on costs associated with working outside of the home. Not surprisingly, the highest portion of that cost on transportation costs at $146 a month. Looking at it another way, that equals 182 hours and $3,000 each year.

That’s an amazingly high price to pay, especially when you consider that the cost of a virtual office for an entire year is only about $600. You could literally save thousands of dollars every year—and be more productive and less stressed—if you work from a virtual office.

"We spend a lot of time and money getting to and from work each day—not to mention the environmental strain and stress that comes with commuting," says Kelly Dixon, president of Workopolis. "Today, working from home is a viable option for many. We need to continue to promote the benefits of telecommuting and encourage more flexible working arrangements for Canadian workers."

Beyond the cost, there’s the sheer hassle of driving to the office some days, whether it’s public transit delays, busier stations or more traffic jams. And again, this breeds stress. A virtual office space does away with those hassles. And when you need to meet clients, you can rent a meeting room from your virtual office provider.

By working from home, Canadians are able to spend the time they would normally be commuting on doing the things they want such as spending time with family and friends. And 58 percent said they would spend the extra time working more hours.  This number is even higher for those Canadians who are already working from home some of the time, at 73 percent.

So listen up, employers. Whether you are in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia or some other part of the world, allowing your employees to telecommute at least part-time from a virtual office space can be good for everybody.


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