Davinci Virtual Offers Final Clue in Treasure Hunt Contest

So if you’ve been on the treasure hunt with us, you’ve been hot on our social media trail for the past couple of weeks. Now, we’re offering you the final clue in the Davinci Virtual Code contest.

If you win, you will get a full year of Davinci Virtual’s suite of services, including virtual office space, live receptionist services, meeting room space and more–for free. Yes, free. That’s quite the prize for an entrepreneur like you.

We launched this contest the first week in August, inviting you to find clues scattered across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. When you find the clues, you can unlock your ticket to potential winnings.

You can find the final clue on Davinci Virtual’s YouTube Channel. I’ve also posted the video below. It’s fun! It’s cool! It’s got the final scavenger item you need to unlock your potential winnings.

In case you missed the earlier clues, here is the schedule:

Week 1: Find the clue on our Facebook page.

Week 2: Find the clue on our Twitter posts.

Week 3: Find the clue on Davinci Virtual’s LinkedIn group, which is called “A Smarter Way to Work.”

To enter, small business owners are invited to find the clues, then visit https://www.davincivirtual.com/contact-social/ to type in their answer.

“Running a small business is an adventure. It’s full of daily obstacles, unsolvable mysteries, surprise roadblocks and–let’s face it–the occasional booby trap. Some days, the code that unlocks your success may seem like an impossible one to crack,” says Bill Grodnik, CEO of Davinci Virtual. “We at Davinci Virtual have some secrets cluing you into smarter business practices. This Code is full of insights and directions to help you surpass the obstacles and reach your business’s highest potential.”

As promised, here is our latest YouTube video:



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