How Social PR Can Help Your Small Business

Public relations campaigns have always been one of the main streams a medium, or large business would use to reach out to their prospective clients.

The idea is simple: Get inside the everyday life of potential clients, without making it look like an ad, using a clever trick or two, at times. As the Internet progresses, more companies are finding out that their best target audience could be regular participants in an industry-related social network or a blog.

This makes it incredibly easy for just about any company to deliver their message to their target audience, with laser precision. This new opportunity gave birth to a totally new way of performing public relations.

Aptly named "Social PR" or "Social Public Relations", this marketing field is quite new, but is quickly proving to be one of the most viable ways for promoting a business today. As

Grindvision Team CEO Steve Weiss puts: "It is a waste of time for all businesses to have accounts on social networks like Twitter, or Facebook if there is no consistent message or engaging content that interests the masses."

One of the latest ways to leverage social PR is the Google +1 button. The Google +1 button is an easy way to publicly 'vote' for a piece of content online. When a business "+1's" their press release published on Online PR Media, one of many press release distribution services, for example, those following their recommendations will see the press release higher in the search results and noted as recommended.

"The Google+ network is poised to be the next big social network for sharing and connecting online," says Tara Geissinger, Co-Founder of Online PR Media. "We've always been committed to incorporating the most trending news sharing features at Online PR Media, so it was only natural that we add the Google +1 button to our published press releases to make it easier for readers to connect with their Google network."


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