Small Business Branding Online

With millions blogs, podcast feeds and new folks singing on to the Web every day, at least part of marketing’s present and future is online.

Internet-based media could overtake newspapers and radio as the prime information sources for consumers, especially with technologies like streaming radio and Internet Protocol Television that broadcasts videos online, according to Brendan Kownacki, an Interactive Media Specialist with Live Wire Media Relations, LLC, a public relations firm in Alexandria, Va.

“The power of the Internet has expanded beyond what many could have ever imagined and has opened limitless doors for most industries in the world, including media relations,” Kownacki says. “The ability to reach millions of people around the globe with a message in a matter of seconds has changed the face of the media, and public relations world along with it.”

Kownacki’s message: As you launch your branding effort, don’t forget the Internet–and be consistently. Doubtless, consistency is a critical part of branding communication. Consistent presentation of your brand, product or organization is no exception is always critical, she says, but when you begin to consider all the new ways to reach an audience today, and all the ways people are talking amongst themselves, you might miss out on the conversation.

The Internet is where many of your customers see your brand for the first time so it’s important that your image is projected professionally. Never  underestimate the power of a brand. It is your introduction to the consumer. It is important to have that consistent look throughout all advertising venues.


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