Groupon Competitor Launches Small Business Deals

Whether you’ve tried Groupon and didn’t like it or are just looking for a less costly expensive to the daily deals site, you might want to check out ShareItUp. The new coupons  aim directly at the heart of small businesses and it’s free.

Launched by PeopleString, the free social coupon platform for small businesses offers what the company calls ShareItup coupons. Although the name didn’t immediately turn my head in a market dominated by Groupon and Living Social—and even Facebook Deals—once I understood the concept the name made perfect sense.

"PeopleDeals now offers businesses the level of service they need to build their social marketing initiatives,” says Darin Myman, president and CEO of PeopleString. “Additionally, our service creates almost a micro group buying platform for businesses who have lower cost goods and services that would not lend themselves to the more traditional group buying platforms.”

See, ShareItUp coupons go up in value the more they are shared. Really, it’s a brilliant idea. Here’s how it works: People share coupons on social networks and applications such as Facebook and Twitter with a free PeopleDeals business account. That account lets any business set up a ShareItUp offer and have their offer or deal posted in the PeopleDeals deal listing. This is very unique in a crowded social coupon landscape, and may gain traction through Facebook in a hurry.

Businesses can also opt for an “ultimate” account that offers a  full service social-media marketing program for $199 a month. That includes managing a businesses’ ShareItUp offers, Facebook business page, Twitter following, and PeopleDeals business homepage, as well as building their local social media following. The company has more than 1,500 'Feet on the Street' ready to start selling PeopleDeals this week.

Check out the YouTube video on the new deals site:



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