Is Dell’s New Vostro 3000 a Smart Buy for Small Biz?

In case you didn’t now, I’m a technology reporter for various magazines. That means I can keep you up to date on the latest and greatest technologies for small businesses.

When I saw that Dell launched a new Vostro 3000 series laptops aimed at the small business market, I decided to take a look-see for myself—so I could share my opinion with you.

Dell designed the Vostro 3000 series laptops to meet the demand for real-time information exchange, long battery life, and virtual collaboration solutions. That’s a tall promise, and I was a bit skeptical that Dell could pull all that off for around $550.

I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the specs on this new laptop. Whether you are a road warrior, or just an entrepreneur who works from your virtual office 9-5, these machines let you speed on the Internet fast lane with an Intel second-generation Core 1 series processor. That’s about as fast as it gets.

And when it comes to style, Dell also has you covered with the Vostro 300 series. Apple may turn heads with its sleek machines, but Dell’s Vostro is nothing to turn your back on. The design is pretty sleek in and of itself, complete with a chiclet keyboard, aluminum finish and your choice of Aberdeen Silver, Lucerne Red or Brisbane Bronze. You can choose a 13-, 14-, 15- or even a 17-inch model.

But the real benefits happen underneath the hood. This is the first small-business laptop to feature voice enhancing technology SRS Premium Voice Pro software. A full HD webcam promises lifelike interactions with coworkers and customers, and a digital array mic helps reduce ambient noise for clearer sound. Skype is also pre-installed so you can do video conferencing from your customized dashboard.

Another great feature is security. You can back up your small business data 10 times faster with the Vostro’s super speed USB 3.0. The machine also comes with a built-in fingerprint reader and Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Business Security software.

What’s it going to cost you?

•    13-inch 3350 SAPP - $599
•    14-inch 3450 SAPP - $499
•    15-inch 3550 SAPP - $499
•    17-inch 3750 SAPP - $549

Pound-for-pound, I’d recommend this small business laptop over the other options in the market. Unless you are just a diehard Apple fan, this machine will thrill you.


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