Why Tapped In Entrepreneurs Will Love LinkedIn Today

For all of my LinkedIn-using readers—and if you aren’t using LinkedIn, you’ll probably want to go sign up as soon as you finish reading this post—the business social networking platform is offering a new way to stay on top of the news that your connections care about the most.

Dubbed LinkedIn Today, the new product surfaces the top headlines and stories being shared the most across multiple industries by LinkedIn’s trusted network of professionals. So if you want to learn about the earthquake in Japan from perspective your connections care about, for example, you can do that through LinkedIn Today. Essentially, LinkedIn Today helps you cut to the news chase with customized, tailored news consumption tools.

“LinkedIn Today provides our members with a quick and easy way to digest trending news gleaned from the collective wisdom of 90 million professionals—what they are reading, what they are sharing, and what they are saying,” says Deep Nishar, senior vice president of product and user experience at LinkedIn. “Having a professional and tailored lens on news and insights is not only an efficient way to gather information for your work day, but it also arms you with the insights you need to make strategic business decisions.”

Here’s how it works: You can tap into professional news through three different perspectives: connections, industry or broader global professional network. When you do, you can read what your connections are reading, and access news that is on the minds of industry leaders. You can follow up to 22 industries or follow a specific news source. LinkedIn will have a share button on leading site like Bloomberg.com, the Wall Street Journal, CNNMoney and more. LinkedIn Today will also feature StumbleUpon content tailored for each industry with evergreen stories.

And if you want to do all this on the fly, LinkedIn lets you. LinkedIn launched an iPhone app to deliver the LinkedIn Today tools to iPhone users. What more could a news hungry entrepreneur ask for? LinkedIn Today is a great experience if you really want to be in the know.


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