Davinci Virtual Office Celebrates Telework Week

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we can give Telework Week the attention it deserves.

Running from Feb. 14-18, Telework Week is a nationwide effort to encourage agencies, organizations, and individuals to pledge to telework during this five-day period. The organizers of Telework Week want you to know that it’s not too late to pledge to telework.

So far, 37,401 people have pledged to telework. The Telework Exchange estimates that the total amount saved by teleworking during teleweek is $2,583,301; the number of pounds of pollutants saved is estimated at 3,440,201; and the total amount saved by teleworking one day a week for a year sits at $67,193, 970. Those are no small numbers.

The Telework Exchange is positioning telework as a win-win opportunity for all. Telework supports workforce productivity and continuity, operational efficiencies, sustainability, and real estate savings, and commuter cost savings, traffic and greenhouse gas reduction. It also supports work-life balance and helps attract new talent and retain a knowledgeable workforce.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions applauds all those who are taking part in Telework Week, and applauds the Telework Exchange for organizing the event. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions can help people who participate in Telework Week by providing low-cost virtual office space. Davinci Virtual has virtual office space all across the U.S.—including virtual offices in New York, virtual offices in Los Angeles, virtual offices in Chicago and virtual offices in Philadelphia—for teleworkers who work from home year round or just during special events like this one.


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