Unified Communications and the Virtual Office, Part 4

We’ve been looking at the growth in Unified Communications this week and how there is a less expensive way—the virtual office—to accomplish many of the same goals.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions customers can tap into Cisco’s WebEx web conferencing and online meetings solution at a special rate. You can join the more than 7 million people who count on Cisco WebEx services every month to communicate and collaborate online. WebEx is a strategic choice to fulfill your most ambitious goals for marketing, sales, training, and support, including:

    • Connect with colleagues in seconds—making it easy to meet with anyone, anywhere, at any time.


    • Run easy, reliable online meetings using only a browser and a phone.


    • Work together like you do in person, without worrying about ports, platforms, versions, or firewalls.

With this web conferencing software, you can share presentations, applications, documents, and desktops, with video and integrated audio, in a rich-multimedia environment. You can:

    • Simplify meetings in any industry—including financial services, high-tech, healthcare, pharmaceutical, communications, manufacturing, government, and management consulting.


    • Support every stage of both customer and product lifecycles. Drive results in sales, marketing, fulfillment, product development, manufacturing, training, and support with real-time collaboration.

So what are you waiting for? If you are a Davinci Virtual Office Solutions customer already, add this virtual office communications add-on to your account now. If you aren’t yet tapping into the power of Davinci’s virtual office solutions, which also include Live Web Chat, virtual receptionists and virtual assistants, become a customer today and experience the Unified Communications that fit your budget.

Check out this video about Cisco's WebEx solution:



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