Can Virtual Offices Help Your Mid-Section?

Are you sitting at your desk too long trying to meet deadlines? If so, you could be headed for heart disease and other ailments, according to a new study in the European Heart Journal.

A virtual office space could help you avoid that fate by giving you the freedom to get up and stretch your legs at will. That’s because the study suggests that extended sedentary periods lead to larger waist sizes and higher levels of blood fats—even if people exercise before of after work.

"Our research showed that even small changes, which could be as little as standing up for one minute, might help to lower this health risk," says lead author Genevieve Healy, a research fellow at the University of Queensland, Australia. "It is likely that regular breaks in prolonged sitting time could be readily incorporated into the working environment without any detrimental impact on productivity, although this still needs to be determined by further research. 'Stand up, move more, more often' could be used as a slogan to get this message across."

If you work at home from a virtual office in New York, you have more opportunities to get up and walk around, even if it’s just for a minute, without running into distractions from coworkers chatting about the big game at the water cooler—and without questioning looks from your boss. A virtual office offers you the ultimate freedom to take breaks at will to increase your productivity—and your health.

Of course, the study concluded that those short breaks aren’t enough to ensure health. You also need to do regular exercise for optimal health. And a virtual office allows you the freedom to do that as well. So what are you waiting for, whether you live in Los Angeles, Manhattan, Miami, Chicago or beyond, explore the many benefits of a virtual office.


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