Deloitte Confirms Value of Alternative Workplace Strategies

Deloitte & Touche is speaking out about alternative workplace strategies. The recently added web site page on Deloitte.com offers a headline that says “Rethinking the Traditional Office Space" and a downloadable brochure on the topic. Highly recommended reading if you are considering an alternative workplace strategy.

As Deloitte sees it, due to advances in mobile and networking technologies, sustainability concerns, and changing workforce demographics, many employees are working with high degrees of mobility. That, Deloitte says, is leading to low actual utilization of physical office space.

Then, Deloitte goes on to confirm that an alternative workplace strategy that takes into account physical space design, technology, and HR policies drives real estate savings and helps attract to talent. Deloitte outlines the following benefits of an alternative workplace strategy:

  • Efficiency and flexibility in the use of office space that is traditionally dedicated, expensive, and mostly unoccupied, leading to a 20-50 percent improvement in asset performance and cost savings

  • Mobile technology tools that allow for access and collaboration on demand–any time, anywhere

  • Flexibility and choice for workers to be productive from a variety of work settings, including corporate sites, customer locations, in transit, at home, etc.

  • Belief that the role of the “office” is to foster collaboration that will lead to innovation and speed

Deloitte concludes by saying that a well-thought out alternative workplace strategy can drive significant cost from a real estate portfolio, through the identification of space-reduction opportunities and changing workspace allocation standards.

Virtual office space is part and parcel of alternative workplace strategies. Davinci Virtual Office Solutions understands how virtual offices, virtual receptionists, virtual assistants and various virtual office technologies can combine to offer companies large and small a competitive advantage. Consider Davinci Virtual your partner in executing your alternative workplace strategy.


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