New Year’s Virtual Office Communications Promotion

You wanted a New Year’s promotion from Davinci Virtual Office Solutions—and we’re giving you one.

Here’s the deal: We’re offering Live Web Chat absolutely free for 90 days when you purchase any Davinci Virtual Live Receptionist package. That’s more than a $150 value.

Here’s what you get as part of this virtual office communications promotion:

    • Proactive live Web chat


    • U.S.-based agents


    • Power to convert Web traffic to leads


    • Improved Web site effectiveness


    • Ability to engage more Web traffic


    • After hours messages


    • Real-time messages to e-mail


    • Real-time messages to text


    • Trained experts on your products/services


    • Full reporting of chat transcripts


    • Up to 25 total live Web Chats

You may have already heard about this special virtual office communications offer on ESPN Radio or on CBNC. Now, it’s time to take action. Whether you are in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Miami or somewhere else, you can get a little closer to your customers with this Live Web Chat promotion.


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