Virtual Offices Make National Work From Home Day A Reality

Wouldn’t you like to work from home? More than 50,000 Canadians would.

Workers in Canada have pledged their support for a “National Work From Home Day.”
These Canadians actually pitched their idea to the House of Commons.

According to a recent poll for Workopolis, 39 percent of Canadians said the most important benefit associated with working from home would be a reduction in traffic congestion and pollution

"As a nation we need to rethink the world of work and the option to work from home should be part of that national discussion," says Mike Savage, Member of Parliament for Dartmouth-Cole Harbor. "It's good for the environment and work-life balance, and will improve our nation's productivity, which adds to greater business success.”

Numbers Don’t Lie
The Harris / Decima poll commissioned by Workopolis reveals that 51 percent of Canadians said they would be willing to use their own resources, such as their own personal computer, to work from home. Twenty-eight percent indicated they would work longer hours, and 19 percent even said they would take a pay cut to be able to work from home. Another 16 percent of workers would give up vacation days to take advantage of the added flexibility a work from home day would provide.

Telecommuting is a win-win for employees and employers. Greater work-life balance and lower stress are strong selling points for working from home. The home worker can transition from down time to work time in seconds and accommodate typical family responsibilities with little or no impact on the working day. Employers stand to gain from a lower employee turnover rate and greater productivity. And offering a work from home option is also seen as a perk by many employees and can help an organization attract and retain top talent.

Virtual Office Technologies Help
Davinci Virtual Office Solutions is glad to see initiatives like National Work From Home Day. This could give employers and employees a like an opportunity to test out alternative workplace strategies. Davinci offers the virtual office solutions and virtual office technologies that make alternative workplace strategies possible.

For example, Live Receptionist services mean your employees can work from anywhere and still have calls answered by a professional receptionist in the name of the company. The Live Receptionist can route the calls directly to the employee’s home office, cell phone, or wherever else they happen to be. Virtual office technologies like web conferencing make it possible to have productive team meetings even when several employees are working from their home offices.

We’ll have to wait and see if Canada approves a National Work From Home Day. But we believe it’s a groundbreaking idea that could open the eyes of many to the benefits of alternative workplace strategies enabled by virtual office solutions.

Check out this video on the proposed National Work From Home Day.



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