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Davinci Virtual Mentioned in SmartPlanet Article

I’ve been seeing more and more articles in the past 12 months about virtual offices, virtual receptionists and virtual assistants – and Davinci Virtual has been the centerpiece of many of them.

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How to Get More from Your Virtual Receptionist

Small business often feel like they are in a proverbial Catch-22. They don’t have quite enough call volume to justify hiring a virtual receptionist but they have too much to keep up with the hourly interruptions of incoming calls.

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Are You ‘Hooked Up’ with Davinci Virtual?

Social networking is all the rage. Did you know the average social networking user spent more than five and half hours on sites like Facebook and Twitter in December? Nielsen reports that Facebook has 206.9 million users and Twitter says users send 50 million tweets a day. Those numbers are mindboggling – but there’s a method to the madness.

Social networking sites help you keep up with the information that’s important to you. They help ...

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What is a True Virtual Office?

I was reading an interesting article from Karen Condi over at Officing Today. In it, she talked about how technology advancements are making it possible for people to work from just about anywhere in the world. She also speaks of the changing rules of business hours. And she points to virtual offices as an enabler.

Let’s listen in to a bit of what Condi, execut...

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What You Can Buy for $49 a Month?

Forty-nine dollars doesn’t go as long as it used to. In fact, in 1920 $50 is equivalent to more than 500 of today’s greenbacks. Of course, in 1920 bread was only 12 cents a loaf and round steak was merely 40 cents a pound – and there was no such thing as the World Wide Web, much less Live Web Chat.

By contrast, Live Web Chat just got a lot less expensive with Davi...

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