Find Virtual Office Space in Portsmouth's Tech Hub

Portsmouth, New Hampshire is home to one of New England's high tech hubs. You'll find plenty of software, hardware, e-commerce, web design and other tech companies there.

Indeed, Portsmouth is on what's called by many the e-coast because there are so many tech firms there. With a high-tech culture, companies in Portsmouth are no stranger to virtual office space. Virtual office space is becoming a key element in alternative workplace strategies.

No longer reserved for start-ups, Fortune 500 companies are getting on board with virtual office technologies faster than ever as a way to reduce real estate costs. Some companies are further along than others—software developers, e-commerce gurus and other tech companies may find virtual offices a natural extension of their business operations.

Davinci Virtual offers virtual office space in Portsmouth at New Hampshire Business Suites. Located at 1950 Lafayette Rd., New Hampshire Business Suites offers you a virtual office location with a prime business address in Portsmouth. You can rent virtual office space in Portsmouth from $95 a month.

That small fee gets you a prime business address, mail and package receipt, access to a business support center, a lobby greeter to welcome your clients, a client drop off and pickup point and even mail forwarding services if you need them.

Your Portsmouth virtual office space also offers telecommuting or mobile workers a conference room on demand for an hourly fee, as well as day office space. Your company, large or small, can even enjoy a lobby listing.

So whether you are a high-tech company, a service business, a large enterprise or an entrepreneur, consider the many advantages of virtual office space in Portsmouth.

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