CresaPartners Discusses Alternative Workplace Strategies

Alternative workplace strategies is indeed a buzzword in corporate America. But it’s more than just a buzzword. In fact, it’s become a movement.

As companies move to adopt alternative workplace strategies-including virtual office space and virtual technologies—some are questioning if it’s really just about saving money. One reputable voice that’s raising that question is Jack Burns, a managing principal at CresaPartners.

Burns suggests the goal is to both cut real estate costs and increase productivity. This is the same philosophy of Davinci Virtual. Cutting costs on real estate could backfire if the right virtual technologies are not in place to drive productivity. Working from a home office alone doesn’t guarantee productivity increases.

Burns discusses setting realistic expectations for increasing productivity and reducing real estate expenses, including monitoring how the workplace is used day in and day out to identify trends. When this “not so easy task,” as Burns puts it, is complete, then you report on your findings.

“Most companies today find that employees will give up personal space in exchange for better technology, mobility, and/or more meeting and collaboration space,” Burns writes in his blog. “Entitlement does become a problem. Seat assignments by title-executives in the corner offices, for example need to be eliminated in order for any new workplace program to succeed. Many managers are threatened by a more mobile workforce and worry about how they can manage folks they cannot see or find. It's important they overcome their fears because technology and work styles now allow remote work both locally and globally. It's time to adopt it.”

Wise words from a veteran in commercial real estate. Davinci Virtual offers corporations the best of both words in commercial real estate: virtual offices with a bricks-and-mortar component that makes possible meeting and collaboration space. With virtual office technologies, corporate America can indeed reduce real estate expenses and drive productivity. One of the keys is putting the right infrastructure in place. Davinci Virtual can help, with virtual offices in cities around the world, from New York to London and beyond.


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